Mushroom Tunnel
6 July 2018

Exploring a Mushroom Tunnel

Our Head of Menu Development, Hendrik Janavicius, along with Executive Chef Andy Ball, visited Li Sun Exotic Mushrooms to explore their mushroom tunnel and understand how the farm cultivates the different varieties of mushrooms. The tunnel which is situated between Mittagong and Bowral in the Southern Highlands, was initially built as a railway tunnel which was taken over by owner Dr Noel Arrold in 1987 and transformed into one of Australia’s first mushroom farms.  The farm mainly focuses on different exotic Asian varieties including Shiitake, Oyster, Shimejii, Enoki, Chestnut, King Brown and Wood Ear as the tunnel provides the perfect environment for their growth as the climate is dark and damp and reminiscent of the mountainous forests of China, Japan and Korea.

The tour only takes place a few times per year, so it was a great privilege for our chefs to participate and learn more about the special growing techniques being utilised.  We have recently developed our very own “mini mushroom farm” where we will begin growing our own strains of exotic mushrooms to be used by our clients.