The First Harvest
6 September 2018

The First Harvest – from our Shroom Room

Following our mushroom research trip to Canada, we have had some very promising first harvests.  The flavour profile and texture of just picked mushrooms is spectacular.  

The First Harvest 1

Most store-bought mushrooms have been sitting on the store shelf for up to 2 weeks from picking.  A freshly harvested mushroom retains its moisture and therefore gives a completely different texture. Flavour wise, each strain has a very distinct profile, often very surprising.  

Part of our research phase includes growing each type of strain and seeing which will grow the most successfully in the environment we have created. These are the winners so far:

King browns – Pleurotus Eryngii – Soft, sumptuous, thick and meaty.

Blue Oysters – Pleurotus Ostreatus Var Columbinus – Deep blue caps, super moist and extremely peppery.

Shiitake – Lentinula Edodes – Dark brown and spotty, very intense long-lasting flavour.

Enoki – Flammulina Velutipes – Long and thin with much larger caps than store-bought. Subtle but delicious flavour.

White Oyster – Pleurotus Ostreatus – Wide caps and gorgeous clusters. Delicate and mild flavour fantastic for pickling!

The First Harvest 2

In the coming months we intend to continue finding winners like these and look forward to filling your plates with the freshest most delicious mushrooms in Sydney.

The First Harvest 3