Dog and Chickens
6 July 2018

Giving a Dam to the Valley

Its Winter time now and the cooler weather has seen plant growth slow and the winter vegetable varieties start to come up in our market garden.  So far we have had only light frosts, but it has been enough to see the warmer season varieties such as lettuce being replaced with the Brassica crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, kohl rabi and cabbage.  We still have the leafy greens such as silver beet, rainbow chard, kale and spinach producing good crops and the Asian greens like pak choy and choy sum are still blossoming nicely.  In addition, our root vegetables have been flourishing and we have been able to harvest some beautiful beetroot, radishes, Japanese turnips and Dutch carrots.  Furthermore, some other winter veggies being harvested are fennel and radicchio and our chefs are having a great time utilising these on their menus.

We have started to prepare some new areas for planting in July.  We will include a block of asparagus, both purple and green varieties as well as a block of potatoes with varieties such as Kipfler, Nicola and Sapphire.  The other area we are expanding into is herbs and we will use our dryer area for producing some Mediterranean herbs like rosemary, French tarragon, zaatar and thyme whilst mint, sorrel and basil will grow in our wetter areas.

Outside of the market garden the farm development is continuing along. There is a large stone wall being constructed along the riverbank as well a dam being constructed in the valley, lying in the centre of the property.

With animals on the farm, egg production from the chooks has eased due to their winter malting cycle, but this should pick up again as the days get longer again. With the goats our buck ‘Maverick’ has been in with the does and most of the girls look like they are well and truly pregnant so we are very much looking forward to some new arrivals in spring.