July On The Farm
7 August 2018

July On The Farm

Despite the weather conditions remaining challenging, July has been a productive month on the farm. The drought continues with another month of virtually no rain and with the clear sky’s we have had a succession of heavy frosts that have been hard on some of our crops.


We are however blessed with an abundant supply of irrigation water from the Hawkesbury river, so the winter varieties in the market garden have continued to produce good crops.  The best of these being the winter brassicas such as cabbage, broccoli and kohl rabi, the leafy greens such as kale and silverbeet, and the root vegetables such as beetroot and Japanese turnips. 

Kohl Rabi

The big addition to the garden for this month was the planting of 1000 asparagus crown. We have put in both purple and green varieties and although it will still be over a year till we pick our first crop, from then on we will have a big harvest each spring and if we look after our patch we can keep harvesting for decades.

Purple Asparagus

The Stix Catering commitment to food safety extends to our farm as we have completed HACCP certification as an egg producer and vegetable grower.  Our free range eggs and fresh produce follow a stringent food safety program which is closely monitored and continuously improved to ensure the safety of our consumers.


Furthermore, our mission to provide the freshest ingredients straight from paddock to plate starts well before the initial harvest. With our organic certification process in its early stages, we aim to grow produce that is superior in taste and nutrient content without any harmful additives.  Choosing to grow organically not only protects the integrity of the surrounding environment but also creates sustainable growth. 


Finally, the main excavation for the dam is now complete, and the final landscaping is going in with large rocks and some water plants to be used.  All we need now is rain to fill it up so we are calling our Stix family to help “make it rain.”