The New Kids On The Block
6 September 2018

The New Kids On The Block

The big news on the farm this month has been the arrival of a whole tribe of new goat kids. From the middle of the month we started to see new baby’s arriving and they have kept coming on a regular basis. It’s amazing that after only a few days they are up and running, making new friends and getting into mischief. There have been many multiple births and the kids that have been left behind have been bottle fed by the farm staff.

The New Kids On The Block 1

Meanwhile in the market garden the asparagus and potato crops have started to break through the soil surface, seemingly beckoning the start of spring. Other crops producing well and being harvested at the moment include kale, radishes and turnips, as well as broccoli and red cabbage.

The New Kids On The Block 2

Unfortunately the drought conditions continue unabated, with virtually no rain again this month. This has lead to continuing pressure from the native ducks eating veggies as there is no other green feed in the district. To combat the problem we have been busy making steel frames for exclusion netting that we need to stop them from eating our seedling. 

The New Kids On The Block 3

We are also trialling a range of other deterrents including lasers and reflective tapes. We are hoping that the duck pressure with reduce as we come into the warmer season and get some fresh new growth in surrounding paddocks.

Meanwhile in the greenhouses we are growing a range of warm season crops that are doing really well. These include, tomatoes, capsicums, eggplant, cucumbers and zucchini. We will start trellising these crops in the coming weeks and should be starting to produce crops in September and October.

The New Kids On The Block 4