Our Garlic Harvest
22 November 2018

Our Garlic Harvest

With garlic being a necessity in any working kitchen, we decided to plant a garlic crop which we could then harvest and use across all our sites.

Our crop expanded over 500 square metres and 2 varieties were planted, both a red and white garlic.  These varieties were originally bred from a grower in Riverina and were selected as they typically thrive in our Australian climate.

Our Garlic Harvest 1

In Australia, garlic is typically grown in Winter and thus we planted our crop in April so that it would be ready to be harvested now.

During the picking, the best 10% was put aside so we will be able to use this again next year to start our crop.  Our goal is to adapt these varieties to another site which we have on the Hawkesbury River.

Our Garlic Harvest 2

Now that the crop is ready, we have picked it and it has been shipped to our Marrickville site where the team has begun the drying process.  To effectively dry them, they have been spread onto crates and stored in a well-ventilated space and will continue there for a few more weeks which will assist in intensifying their flavour and complete the curing process.

Our Garlic Harvest 3
Our Garlic Harvest 4

Upon completion, the garlic will be distributed around our sites and will be a key ingredient in our future menus so stay tuned.