Our Strawberry Farm
8 October 2018

Our Strawberry Project

In light of recent news involving harmful objects found in fruit, many consumers have been steering clear of strawberries. Although not all brands have been affected, sales of strawberries across the country have plummeted and crops were seen going to waste. Not only have the incidents installed fear in consumers, but farmers who have been working hard to get the delightful fruit to local stores have suffered immensely.

Our Strawberry Farm

To support local producers, Qantas, Q Catering, Rockpool consulting and Stix Catering came together on Thursday 27th September, 2018 and turned a distressing situation into an inspiring affair. 1 tonne of strawberries (4000 of punnets) were washed, sliced and pureed into homemade strawberry coulis.

Our Strawberry Farm 2

With consumer safety in mind, each berry was sliced through the centre carefully checking for potential dangers. Teams of over 30 people worked together in shifts to have strawberries moving by the tubful, thus the task was completed in 7 hours. The strawberries were then brought to the kitchen where they were transformed into coulis within a matter of hours.

Our Strawberry Farm 3

The strawberry coulis will soon make an appearance on Qantas flights in the form of daiquiris and yoghurt with coulis.