Stix Goes Green
6 September 2018

Stix Goes Green


Stix Catering is always on the forefront of sustainability and our teams are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and become greener at every opportunity.

Each day our chefs across each MGL Campus put aside the vegetable trimmings from their daily production and send them to our head office at Marrickville.  These trimmings are combined with those collected from our inflight kitchens, pastry kitchen and events kitchen and is then sent to our Stix Farm.

Stix Goes Green 1

Our Macquarie sites alone contribute approximately 7000kg/year of these vegetable scraps & peelings and our “Green Cycle” allows us to effectively keep it out of a landfill. 

Stix Goes Green 2

Once our crates arrive at the farm, our farmers distribute them between our 900 resident chickens and our 4 lovely Berkshire Pigs.  Our chickens really do enjoy these veggies and in turn this goes through to our incredible tasting free range eggs that are used across the business, delivered straight from the farm.

Stix Goes Green 3