Stix Visits Humpty Doo
22 November 2018

Stix Visits Humpty Doo

In October, Stix Executive Chef Andy Ball and owner David Allison travelled to Darwin with Agi Hatjinikitas, the owner of our seafood supplier Moofish to visit the Humpty Doo Barramundi Farm and view their operations. 

Humpty Doo Barramundi is a 2nd generation family owned producer and distributor of premium Australian saltwater barramundi. 

It is located in the remote wilderness on the banks of the majestic Adelaide River, halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park. 

The sustainable water reticulation system developed by the farm delivers consistent water quality of pristine salt water throughout the year. The farm harvests the barramundi from hatchlings measuring just a few grams in weight through to full weight at approximately 4-5kg. 

Furthermore, they are heavily involved within the community engaging both a National Workforce Development Program, providing its employees with nationally accredited training and also an Indigenous Engagement Strategy helping to develop and deliver opportunities for Aboriginal people in aquaculture. 

The trip lasted over a weekend and during their stay the wonderful hosts spoiled them with an array of activities including fishing, crocodile jumping and to showcase their amazing produce put on a special seafood lunch prepared by their chefs.  

Andy, David and Agi spent 2 days engaging with the operation at the farm from beginning to end and gaining an invaluable insight into this great tasting product. 

Stix Visits Humpty Doo